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Hair is a crown for the woman, they often spend much time, effort and expense just want their hair to look beautiful glow.
with such behavior makes the beauty salon owners reap much profit. but now increasingly uncontrolled distribution of drugs to hair that turned out to contain many harmful chemicals, the fact that now many women who had over-produ use herbal products.

The following is about the traditional way to make her hair look beautiful and healthy.
Avocado is a fruit of thick fleshy green. Than can be processed into a delicious avocado juice comes pouring chocolate milk on top, avocado can also be beneficial for your hair. If you have problems with dry unruly hair, branched, and cracking due to staining or heat from hair stylist tools, avocados can be a solution tepat.Manfaat avocado for hair care has been proven.

Young green coconut. Properties obtained from a green coconut water is to blacken the hair and keep hair moist as coconut water also contains vitamin A and vitamin E.

There are many others such as hazelnut, celery, essential oils, tamarind. now depends on you, how easy is the material you get.
Hair care with the benefits of traditional materials are materials that readily available and affordable price even though I use it a bit complicated.
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Have really oily skin which tends to make us annoyed. In addition to making us look less attractive, oily skin can also create dust / dirt easily attached and difficult to lose so it is easy to face acne.

Now already many types / brands of cosmetics that can reduce excess oil, such as facial foam, anti oil and cream sunblok. but there is also the traditional way is very powerful to reduce the oil content by using celery leaves. traditional way is believed to be more efficient, fast and safe with no side effects.

Way of its use are: take a taste and celery cut up into small pieces, and after the cut into small pieces, pieces of celery inserted into a panic which had entered into the water to a boil, and let marinade celery heat for 15-20 minutes in length, after settling for 15-20 minutes, and can be left to cool (20-30 minutes). Apply water celery was boiled and cooled before to the entire face, let it soak up water and mengering.Setelah Celery Celery water can seep in and dry rinsed or cleaned with water until clean. Use a 2 day 1 time use to get maximum results.

Celery leaves or can be known by the name Apium graveolens you can find in the market or in your home garden. Please try.
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Acne is the main enemy for teens. besides disturbing appearance, acne can make you feel less confident.
Now acne can be treated with various drugs that are sold in pharmacies splint. But the problem is, apparently acne can leave scars that are not less to disrupt the acne itself.

Here are some tips on removing acne scars:

The first way: Mash a few sticks of cinnamon bark and make a powder. Mix with a little water. Brush on acne scars. Do it for 1 or 2 weeks.

The second way: leather mask with a finely ground cinnamon mixed with honey bees, leave overnight. the next day wash your face with warm water.

The third way: a piece of cassava peel, grated, squeezed and the juice was rubbed on acne scars. Let stand for half an hour, wash your face and do every day for a week.

The fourth way: Clean and mashed some betel leaves. wash face with warm water and wipe the collision was the betel leaf, let it dry and clean. Do 3 times a week.

Last ways: mashed beans the old nut, mix it with rose water, apply on the acne scars. Thus was natural ways to remove acne scars. May be useful for you
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Bone is the support of all our activities, and therefore consider our food consumption. whether the food we eat to strengthen or weaken the bone bones, it's what we need to beware. here are some foods that actually weaken the bones if you consume too much.

food that tastes sweet
If you like sweet foods should be replaced with fruit, as sweet foods in addition to causing problems with teeth can also inhibit the absorption of calcium and phosphorus to erode as we know that both materials had a very useful material for bone.

food is too salty
foods with high salt levels may excretion of calcium through the kidneys so as to eliminate the calcium in bones. then consume no more than 1200mg of salt per day.

If we consume 100mg of caffeine then 6mg calcium is lost. because caffeine dissolves the calcium in bones.

Carbonated beverages contain folic acid which is weakening the intestine to absorb calcium. bone mineral density is reduced thereby increasing the risk of fractures.

Alcohol contributes to low bone mass, decreased bone formation, increase the risk of fractures and fracture inhibit recovery.

Phytate can impair the body's ability to absorb calcium. Unfortunately, almost all nuts contain phytate. we can reduce the levels of phytate in beans by soaking a few hours before on the cob, because nuts contain magnesium, fiber and other nutrients the body needs. so do not be afraid to eat peanuts
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Cosmetics for Sensitife Skin

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If you have sensitive skin? if yes, then you should be careful to choose a cosmetic. because if the wrong choice of cosmetics then you open it even more beautiful but will damage your skin. but the women did not get away from the name of cosmetics, because cosmetics are a major factor in supporting performances.

Back to the problem of sensitive skin. not all cosmetics can be directly matched with sensitive skin, opt for it in cosmetics should be based on several things:

A. Avoid cosmetics that contain chemical fragrances and dyes. why should we be aware of? Perfumes and dyes because it may cause irritation to the skin.

B. Avoid cosmetics that contain alcohol. because of alcohol by its nature can make our skin dry so that it can cause irritation.

C. Look for products that pass the test laboratory is mine and has been confirmed  hypoleallergenic or allergy free.
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