Healthy Tip of the Recovery of Plastic Surgery

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Treatment of plastic surgery recovery period should be noted. The problem in this transition you want to get in physical form completely must first adapt to the pain, but a variety of special treatments you must consider that the pain does not whack again.

It is said that, whatever procedure you will do, good condition physically and emotionally will affect your recovery. Through his book? Ultimate Beauty, Being Amazing Personal with Aesthetic Surgery ', Dr. Enrina Diah, ApBP explained in more detail about the treatment you can apply post-plastic surgery.

Here are some pointers to help the recovery of healthy:
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To reduce the swelling of the face after surgery, kompreslah with ice. Although surgeons have paired elastic bandage to reduce swelling, but you still need to compress the ice on a regular basis. Ask for advice to the surgeon how long you have to do it.

Plan your recovery time is dependent on the surgical procedure, recovery time ranging from several days to several weeks. It's important to know because it will affect the work of family and social relationships, as well as your schedule after surgery.

You have to be realistic with your expectations. Let your face looks as it is before you get better results from your surgery. Almost all types of cosmetic surgery procedures and leaving luika swelling. Do not panic! Let the healing process naturally, if you find kelainnan immediately consult with your surgeon.

Follow the guidelines of your surgeon. Follow the rules of taking medication, prescription or instructions or directions to start cleaning activities.

For the initial treatment for 48-72 hours after surgery, you should not own. Although you believe, you can resume normal routines you still need someone to help you to allow the healing process.

Any operation can reduce the fluid in your body, therefore after plastic surgery, drink water as often as possible to increase your body's lost fluids. Also, eat a light snack for the first days after surgery.

If you do surgery on the neck or head, you are advised always in a higher head position for several days. This will reduce swelling and speed up the recovery process.

Avoid exposure to sunlight directly. Use a sunblock UV protection to protect your skin.

Do not take aspirin or similar drugs during the recovery.

To cover up and minimize the scar, are encouraged to dress up can disguise the operation scar.[okezone]

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