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You may find this hard to believe but, some of the most ripped bodybuilders and fitness models in the world have had stubborn and annoying body fat deposits in hard to lose areas. They fought the battle of getting rid of those pockets of fat around the navel, lower abs, sides of waist, lower back, etc. and won it because they knew what to do.

If you have stubborn body fat that has settled into areas that are resistant to weight loss and you just can't seem to get rid of it, don't despair...there is a tested and proven way to lose it. I know it can be very frustrating for people who are lean in most areas of their body to be storing fat in only one localized spot but it's actually more common than having fat spread evenly throughout the entire body.

How Does It Happen:
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What happens is this; when our body fat percentage increases, we deposit fat in certain genetically predisposed areas, along with all the other places on our body. Once it's deposited, we can't selectively choose exactly where to extract the fat. We lose fat pretty much proportionately all over our entire body. And, it comes off more or less in reverse order: the first place it goes on will be the last place it comes off.

Getting Rid Of It:

If you've decided to seriously tackle the problem, the first thing you'll need to do is to learn something about human physiology; the study of the physical and chemical processes that take place in living organisms during the performance of life functions.

This study is primarily concerned with such basic activities as reproduction, growth, metabolism, excitation, and contraction as they are carried out within the fine structures; the cells, tissues, organs,and organ systems of the body.

Learning about all this will give you a basic understanding of just how the human body works. It also will give you an appreciation of the necessary steps you need to take to rid yourself of that stubborn body fat.

In addition, it's extremely important for you to have some knowledge about the weight regulating mechanism, starvation mode, feedback loopsthyroid, leptin, lipoprotein lipase, insulin, metabolic rate, etc. These are all critical processes you need to learn about in developing a comprehensive approach to dealing with the problem areas.

You need to realize that there are no such things as a magic bullet, a miracle spot reducing machine, a wonder drug or supplement or a miracle cream; they just do not exist! It will take determination, dedication and hard work for you to accomplish this goal. But, it can be done!

Think Positively:

What you will need to do is concentrate on the principles of human physiology and, along with that, develop a winning attitude. If you have been dwelling on the negative and convincing yourself you'll never get rid of your fat pockets, stop it right now! Do not hang onto those self defeating beliefs because allowing any negativity to guide you only reinforces the problem.

If you believe in "stubborn fat" you give it more credibility than it deserves. If you are continually whining about that "stubborn fat!", you won't get rid of it! No one has ever reached success in trimming their fat pockets with self defeating thoughts about failure. If you truly believe that you can get rid of it, you will!

Get Good Guidance:

What you need to be telling yourself is you "can" lose that fat once you know the right things to do and start doing them. You need the best advice available as to what you should and should not eat eat and the correct exercises to address the target areas.

No Such Thing As Stubborn Fat:

Stop believing in such an erroneous thing as "stubborn fat." Stubborn fat does not exist in the sense that one particular area of fat does not burn off the same way that all the other areas of fat on your body burn. Stubborn fat should only be referred to as certain areas that are just the "last to burn off". Remember that!

You can burn them off! All you need is the correct information to teach you how to do it the right way, along with the development of a winning attitude, and you will achieve it!

Yes You Can Do It:

And yes, I realize it can be extremely challenging but once you develop a "yes I can" attitude, learn how the human body works, what to feed it to make it lean and utilize the best exercise plan available, you can definitely lose those so called "stubborn fat deposits". You will do it permanently and naturally, so they never return....no matter how "stubborn" you now may think they are.

There are some people who cling to the mistaken belief that certain fat cells are unique and therefore more difficult to burn than others because of some chemical or hormonal imbalance. They are mistaken...don't you be one of them! If you want to reduce your trouble spots, there is definitely a solution for you.

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