Healthy Hair With Chocolate Hair Spa

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Cokelat known as a food or drink. But along with the time, chocolate cream is made as to maintain the health of hair. Scientifically, chocolate nutritious to maintain health, smoothly and elastic at hair. Want to try?
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Since first, the chocolate is the preferred food. Although gulanya uterus can increase body weight, damage to teeth and cause diabetes, chocolate contains many substances that are useful for the body.

Chocolate contains antioxidants that can maintain heart health, lower blood pressure, and psychological aspect of human chocolate can cause feelings rileks.

Chocolate found by Maya tribes who came and lived in Central America. That time, chocolate was known only as food and beverages. Since the tribe of the Maya as a chocolate consumption, many other tribes that participated consumpted. Until now, chocolate is a food that many people tune.

Chocolate contains more than 300 materials useful for skin health and beauty. Chocolate contains a substance called polyphenol antioxidants. This substance also found in the vegetables and red wine.

In addition to reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease and early olded, chocolate can also refine and cleared skin, making skin more moister and may reduce skin damage due to air oxidation broken.Vitamin the A and E are also in the chocolate.

With the many benefits provided by the chocolate, the latter appear spa using chocolate as the main material.

"Hair has a chocolate spa benefits to prevent damage to the hair and smoothly. So fragrant chocolate aroma. Use for three days, fragrant will not be lost," said Lita, beautycian from the Chocolate Salon & Spa.

A chocolate-brown powder used is derived from the cacao fruit is dried and mashed. Chocolate theomromine also contain substances that can increase the energy and emotion.

Applications chocolate spa hair spa hair the same as in general. Only on the different types of this cream only. Open up a fragrant chocolate tempt to pich. "But do not eat yeahhh," said Lita.

According to Lita, who used cream chocolate made from cacao seeds original, nutritious restore the elasticity of hair. Hair is dry or damaged because of chemical processes are highly recommended to do this treatment.

"Gynecology vitamin A and vitamin E make for good brown hair and skin," said Lita.

Stages of treatment with the brown hair:

1. Shampoo. Hair washed with a special shampoo, chocolate shampoo that is. After the hair is rinsed with warm water.

2. Spread cream. After the hair wash, hair and be smeared with chocolate cream, made from natural cocoa beans. Then, until the cream is to trim all the hair.

3. Massage. After wrapping cream, do get a massage on the hair. Massage is useful for the smooth cream and so easy to infiltrate in the skin of the head. Massaged on demand approximately 20 minutes.

4. Steam. Massage Once completed, the hair and then given the steam or hot steam. This is useful to make a chocolate cream sew on the hair shaft and scalp. The provision of hot steam can be done for about 5 minutes.

5. Flushing. After that, the hair rinsed with cold water.

6. Drying. Hair and then dried and styled to appear more beautiful.

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