Slim and Healthy Without Operation

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Body section is slim and longed for each women. Also male. However, lifestyle is not healthy "shattered". Then race the race to find ways to sliming, among others, with the fat and suction operation.

One way that can be spelled out in the effective streamline the body is a combination of pin or needle acupuncture, body Slimming, Slimming and Meso body. This combination treatment will be the fat and streamline the body.

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Acupuncture, according to dr Dyah Andriani, Medical Consultant of the In's House of Beauty, located in Pondok Indah Kav Arteri 77-78 No. 7, South Jakarta, is useful to stimulate nerve-nerve cells that berinvasi between the brain and alimentary tract. "Thus, excitation at the point-acupuncture point decreases appetite make feel so satisfied. With a vibrator combined with electrical equipment, acupuncture make fat-fat destroyed," he explained.

Acupuncture technique performed on dots that relate directly to the stomach that functions to reduce appetite.

After the process of acupuncture for 15-20 minutes, done Slimming body techniques. "Engineering is Slimming body treatment that combines light equipment Slimming VAC with a blanket handy for the fat on the surface and disguise the stretch mark and make the skin brighter," more said.

This phase begins with the massage on the parts that you want to be treated with herbal ion crusher fat cream that works to open the pore-pore and accelerate the penetration of drugs. After that, the body given serum thermo active ampoule so that better penetration of drugs with ultrasonic equipment. Then proceed with the similar tool VAC light vacum therapy with chrome-rays that make it easier for its demolition to make all fat and more slender.

This process lasted for 15-30 minutes. With a new blanket and Slimming. wrapping body with special plastic for about 30 minutes and heated to the temperature adjusted.

Next is a mesoterapi technique. There are two types of mesoterapi, namely mesolipo and mesonano. Mesolipo on the type of techniques used alimming injected with drugs blend crusher fat (lipolitik) and of fat (lipocarrier).

Slimming Mesonano technique is to include herbal medicine without a syringe. "For the maintenance can be used in home products such as scrubs guinot from gomace facile as the first stage is used before the bath to open the pore-pore dab lift dead skin cells and facilitate age minceur logic to the process of burning fat in the desired part," he explained.

After the fat is reduced, lift nutrizone be smeared. Nutrizone lift to remove all useful. Stretch mark cream is not to tighten the skin after the fat hang down like jowls reduced. "Patients who have been in-treatment must also set the pattern of food or low-fat diet with balanced nutrition and a regular sport," he added.

The benefits of this treatment is no excessive side effects. This treatment can also be done by teenagers to adults. But women can not run the current pregnancy or breastfeeding. from okezone.

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