Simple tips to lose weight

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Foods such as pies, for example, contain many calories are quite high. you can share it with tiny pieces so that you feel will not be able to spend.

To prove the scientists at the University of Arizona, the United States has conducted experiments on rats that were placed on the maze. they provide a kind of food is divided into two parts, one cut up into several parts, while the one with the whole weight of the one with any part of the two equal weight.

But the result is they eat the food is cut into small pieces, while the whole food meal just a little. then this result could be to manipulate the rules to be applied to human perception.

There are also studies with about 400 students each in the offered cake is cut into small pieces and intact. after that they offered a free dinner at the result of their previous eating the cake is cut, eating fewer than the previous night to eat the whole cake. you can see more Click Here!

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