Computers for Health Hazards

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After some time ago we talked about the Dangers in the use of mobile telephone, so now we will discuss about the danger when we are too old to use a computer.

The computer has become part of our lives. Sometimes we spend hours in front of the computer every day, but you know what the danger if we are too old to use a computer?

!. Eye
If we use the computer for too long our eyes feel dry and sore. This is because we blink less frequently, causing evaporation of tears.

!!. Pain in the Shoulder
Caused Because we sit too long with improper position of said concentrate on the computer screen.

!!!. Finger
Stiff finger or trigger finger is a condition where the fingers bend and can not be straightened out again spontaneously. This happens because the finger tendons loosen, thus losing their flexibility and become rigid. Trigger finger usually occurs in the elderly due to aging or degenerative process.

!!!!. Impotence?
Do not be surprised! Impotence is a common occupational hazard today. If you work using a laptop, make sure the knees do not directly, because it can kill sperm. Therefore, always use a mat to protect your reproductive organs from damage, or if allowed to continue to be a cause of impotence.

So if we use a computer: do not be too long to sit up for hours, a time to stand or walk for a while before we concentrate on the job again. For Laptop users: Do not be in the lap! more...

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