traditional way of treating hair

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Hair is a crown for the woman, they often spend much time, effort and expense just want their hair to look beautiful glow.
with such behavior makes the beauty salon owners reap much profit. but now increasingly uncontrolled distribution of drugs to hair that turned out to contain many harmful chemicals, the fact that now many women who had over-produ use herbal products.

The following is about the traditional way to make her hair look beautiful and healthy.
Avocado is a fruit of thick fleshy green. Than can be processed into a delicious avocado juice comes pouring chocolate milk on top, avocado can also be beneficial for your hair. If you have problems with dry unruly hair, branched, and cracking due to staining or heat from hair stylist tools, avocados can be a solution tepat.Manfaat avocado for hair care has been proven.

Young green coconut. Properties obtained from a green coconut water is to blacken the hair and keep hair moist as coconut water also contains vitamin A and vitamin E.

There are many others such as hazelnut, celery, essential oils, tamarind. now depends on you, how easy is the material you get.
Hair care with the benefits of traditional materials are materials that readily available and affordable price even though I use it a bit complicated.

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makasih artikelnya bermanfaat, semoga makin sukses penumbuh rambut cepat

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