Cosmetics for Sensitife Skin

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If you have sensitive skin? if yes, then you should be careful to choose a cosmetic. because if the wrong choice of cosmetics then you open it even more beautiful but will damage your skin. but the women did not get away from the name of cosmetics, because cosmetics are a major factor in supporting performances.

Back to the problem of sensitive skin. not all cosmetics can be directly matched with sensitive skin, opt for it in cosmetics should be based on several things:

A. Avoid cosmetics that contain chemical fragrances and dyes. why should we be aware of? Perfumes and dyes because it may cause irritation to the skin.

B. Avoid cosmetics that contain alcohol. because of alcohol by its nature can make our skin dry so that it can cause irritation.

C. Look for products that pass the test laboratory is mine and has been confirmed  hypoleallergenic or allergy free.

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