Dangers of Breast for Women

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Breast is one of the most valuable part of the woman, but in addition to making women look beautiful and fascinating, but also makes women vulnerable to various diseases.

There are a few things about breasts that could harm the woman.

- Breastfeeding will make women lose a lot of power.
    As an example of a mother breastfeeding baby boy. Baby boy needs of nearly   1,000 Mega Joules of energy in the first year of life. The amount is equivalent to 1000 light trucks are moving 100 miles per hour, while the baby is just getting energy from drinking milk.

- Can save a lot of chemicals
   There are a variety of chemicals from everyday products that can be buried in it comes from cosmetics, paint thinners, wood preservatives, toilet deodorizers, fuel, termite poisons, laundry liquids, pesticides, fungus, and the fire barrier material. because in most breast consists of fat while the chemicals are very often buried in fat.

- Breast CANCER
   This disease often strikes women in other words, women are more at risk than men. And apparently many as 90% of women with breast cancer have no family history of cancer had the disease.

- Breast Implant false
   Many products that are proven fake breast implants and breast poison and jeopardize the safety of breast-fed babies and ourselves.

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