The traditional way Eliminate Oily Skin

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Have really oily skin which tends to make us annoyed. In addition to making us look less attractive, oily skin can also create dust / dirt easily attached and difficult to lose so it is easy to face acne.

Now already many types / brands of cosmetics that can reduce excess oil, such as facial foam, anti oil and cream sunblok. but there is also the traditional way is very powerful to reduce the oil content by using celery leaves. traditional way is believed to be more efficient, fast and safe with no side effects.

Way of its use are: take a taste and celery cut up into small pieces, and after the cut into small pieces, pieces of celery inserted into a panic which had entered into the water to a boil, and let marinade celery heat for 15-20 minutes in length, after settling for 15-20 minutes, and can be left to cool (20-30 minutes). Apply water celery was boiled and cooled before to the entire face, let it soak up water and mengering.Setelah Celery Celery water can seep in and dry rinsed or cleaned with water until clean. Use a 2 day 1 time use to get maximum results.

Celery leaves or can be known by the name Apium graveolens you can find in the market or in your home garden. Please try.

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