food causes eroded bone

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Bone is the support of all our activities, and therefore consider our food consumption. whether the food we eat to strengthen or weaken the bone bones, it's what we need to beware. here are some foods that actually weaken the bones if you consume too much.

food that tastes sweet
If you like sweet foods should be replaced with fruit, as sweet foods in addition to causing problems with teeth can also inhibit the absorption of calcium and phosphorus to erode as we know that both materials had a very useful material for bone.

food is too salty
foods with high salt levels may excretion of calcium through the kidneys so as to eliminate the calcium in bones. then consume no more than 1200mg of salt per day.

If we consume 100mg of caffeine then 6mg calcium is lost. because caffeine dissolves the calcium in bones.

Carbonated beverages contain folic acid which is weakening the intestine to absorb calcium. bone mineral density is reduced thereby increasing the risk of fractures.

Alcohol contributes to low bone mass, decreased bone formation, increase the risk of fractures and fracture inhibit recovery.

Phytate can impair the body's ability to absorb calcium. Unfortunately, almost all nuts contain phytate. we can reduce the levels of phytate in beans by soaking a few hours before on the cob, because nuts contain magnesium, fiber and other nutrients the body needs. so do not be afraid to eat peanuts

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