Beauty With Natural System

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ALL women always want to have a beautiful face and perfect body. To shape into which, woman willing to do a variety of ways. Ranging from modern to traditional treatment (naturally).

In fact, to appear beautiful and enchantment, you need not go to beauty salon. For, with the traditional treatment is a series you can still appear beautiful.

for you who want to make beautiful natural, there are several ways that can be done. For the torch W Gunawan out in his book Food combining Food harmonious combination.

Enrich and polish the hair

Easy to do, just shake three or four grains chicken (according to the length of the hair) until foamy. moist the hair with cold water and shake spread eggs. Then massage scalp for several minutes. Rinse with cold water until the hair is completely clean.

Then, half lemon, the meat of the fruit wipe slowly on the whole scalp. In addition to the smell of eggs, lime juice nutritious PH hair neutralist from the effects of chemical pollution or drugs restore the luster of hair and hair.

Remove dull skin on the face

Skin can be dry and dull due to lack of oxygen. To keep your face skin is not dull, is easy, simply puncture a capsule vitamin E 200 IU. Extract the contents, and Mix with lime juice or lemon, to spread entire face every night before bed.

Make the skin smooth and luminous body

Surface of the skin must be rubbed and regularly wipe and periodically. In addition to clean the dirt from the skin surface and old cells, this treatment also works to stimulate circulation limfatik gland and refresh the skin.

Use a soft brush from natural materials such as cover oyong(java) dried fruit (lufah) or herbal cosmetic using natural materials that may be found in some traditional markets.

The process of brushing

Brushing is done from the bottom to the top of the body. From toe to knee. Repeatedly. Then from the knee to the hip.

After that, the abdomen wiper with a circular direction, as around the breast (brushing below must be soft). Then brush arm, from wrist to shoulder, all over the back of the new body from the hip to back up.

herbal cosmetic

Prepare the green olive oil, old, pineapple and grated yellow roots meeting in separate bowls.

First, the whole body massage from the bottom to the top of the olive oil, then a smear and then rub it all over the body with pineapple scar, and clean. After that, the whole body a smear meeting with yellow seam let to dry up.

Scrub and clean the body with a small towel drabble, (note: use a dark colored towel, because water yellow seam cloth easy faded and difficult omitted). Then, Rinse again with cold water until the body is completely clean. Should not use soap after brushing or herbal cosmetic.

Happy trying!