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Each of us surely want beautiful and attractive. Actually not difficult, provided you want to do the right skin care routine.

The best time is to treat the skin at night, because it can repair and rebuild cells that have been damaged.

Mental and quiet reflections helped accelerate the improvement of body and skin condition. There are several steps you can do for your skin:

Dry Skin Care

Clean the skin with a gentle cleanser once a day, before you sleep at night. In the morning, simply wash your face with warm water and use moisturizer. Perform the peeling or sloughing of dead skin cells once a week, by choosing a granulated scrubs small, smooth and soft. Rajinlah vitamin E and a supplement containing fatty acids such as cod liver extract and avocado.

Dull skin treatment

Make the potatoes to overcome dull skin. How, then wash the potatoes peeled and grated. Use as a facial mask for about 5-10 minutes, rub it slowly. Then rinse with water and wash your face with normal facial foam you use.

Skin breakouts

Clean the face before going to sleep on a regular basis in order to prevent acne. If the face is acne, apply acne medication that contains the controller antibakterial and sebum on the skin infected. Do not squeeze pimples because the skin will cause blisters and skin pores getting bigger.

Skin Irritation

Your skin may feel hot, flushed and irritated after the activity during the day. Overcome by using products that contain zinc oxide which can be reddish blemishes or skin irritation. Ingredients can also cool the skin.

Eye Skin Care Section

If the skin under the eyes feel very dry and the color black., Use special eye creams that contain elements of retinal (vitamin A that helps repair and rmeremajakan skin cells), panthenol, soybean oil and beeswax. In addition, multiply and consume the white water of sufficient rest. For the eyelids, choose a special eye cream containing vitamin C because it can stimulate collagen growth which is very useful to avoid wrinkles and premature aging.

Rough Elbow Skin Care

If the elbow feels dry, apply the body butter lotion that contains olive oil and jojoba oil before bed. Lotion This oil can also be used on the neck.

Face Skin Care Wrinkle

Cream with vitamin A or retinal can help disguise the wrinkles on the face. Its use is recommended at night.

Skin Care Hands Rough and cracked feet

Choose cream containing avocado oil and urea. Content of this urea is softened and can stimulate the growth of new skin cells.

Foot Skin Care

For cracked feet, before bed soak feet in warm water with a mixture of cream footh bath gehwol containing lavender and spike. Dry with a towel, then apply a special cream that contains panthenol feet which is provitamin B5. As for foot calluses, soak feet in warm water, which has been mixed with products containing marinade thyme oil. Then spread your feet with a cream containing lanolin and provitamin D. Lanolin has a high water content which helps soften very dry feet and calluses.