Younger After isn't Vegetarian Program

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Teenagers or young adults who under the program vegetarian usually consumpsion healthy food. But this risk group has a habit of eating pattern does not become a vegetarian after.

In the journal American Dietetic Association, researchers examine adolescents and young adults who become vegetarian will have good health consumpsion with many fruits and vegetables and reduce the risk of excess body weight is exposed, and excess body weight.

However, when a young vegetarian or youth can increase the risk for the control of body weight that is not healthy in the extreme not to be vegetarian again. Besides, the teenagers at the time the body still requires more nutrients to help growth and development of children.

The researchers analyze food, body weight status, weight control practices and the use of drugs and alcohol on the 2516 youth aged between 15 to 23 years. Participants have been surveyed on the first frequency of food consumed.

Was found to be a vegetarian 4.3 percent, 10.8 percent have vegetarian and non vegetarian 84.9 percent. Researchers found that there was no significant difference with body weight status. However, a vegetarian since young will have body mass index (BMI) is low compared with that are not vegetarian.

"Based on the results of this research benefits that can be taken is asking young people what the motive preference adolescents choose to become a vegetarian," said Ramona Robinson-O'Brien an Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University, St. Joseph, as quoted from ScienceDaily, Sunday (16/7/2009).

Average young people to become vegetarian so that her body looks slim and attractive, but to achieve this should set the pattern with how to eat well and exercise.

The habit pattern of eating the wrong is usually caused during a vegetarian consumpsion only fruit and vegetables, but not consumpsion meat and other animal protein. Therefore, it does not become a vegetarian after, young people tend to not have a pattern of eating right and not be controlled. This can result in bad for the teenagers themselves.