Calories Consume To Lose Weight?

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In all forms of media, such as television, newspapers, magazines or websites, we come across questions like "With the given height and weight, how many calories should I consume to lose weight?" At some point in time, this question has bothered all of us. In the given article here, we are going to discuss, how many calories you should consume to lose weight. Read on to learn more...
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Generally, medical experts suggest that if you are a woman, you should consume nearly 2000 calories per day. The recommended number is 2500 for men and 1600 for a child. Technically, the calorie need varies from person to person and is generally calculated considering all the factors like height, weight, age, sex and physical activities etc.

These are the factors that constitute the total energy our body needs for functioning well, and is known as BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate.) To calculate how many calories I should consume to lose weight, you should calculate the BMR.

Now when you know the number of calories your body needs:

1. Use a calorie chart. It will help you pick healthier choices and wise judgment on portion of it

2. Mark and highlight the food you usually consume so that they are easier to find.

3. Note the caloric content and add up to find the total calories consumed for the day.

4. Compare it with BMR. If you are consuming more calories than either reduce the calories intake or increase the amount of exercise.

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