Chinese Food Style for Healthy

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People of the bamboo curtain that regardful affairs patterns of living and eating healthy and balanced. They are rarely exposed to diseases such as Obesity and kardiovaskular most western people. What's the secret?

Have you ever notice how people eat Chinese? what food they normally eat? what makes them stay healthy and avoid illness?

Most people are afraid of food, Chinese food is concerned they are the monosodium glutamat (MSG) and copious that they also do not like cooking, the cuisine is not fully cooked.

Ethnic-Chinese cuisine is known to use many flavoring sense, until-until the symptoms of diseases that arise as a result most of MSG-called Chinese Restaurant Syndrom (CRS).

But do not see from the MSG it, we can replicate the pattern of eating Chinese people from the other. Even Lorraine Clissold, author of the book 'Why the Chinese sinker Calories Count' as quoted Monday (17/8/2009) states that the pattern of eating Chinese people are very healthy.

Lorraine refers to a study that says that people consumption China only 30 percent of calories compared to other countries and it will only increase the body weight of less than 20 percent.

What's the secret?

1. Vegetables more precious than any
For the Chinese, is all vegetables. Vegetables with the same value of meat. If you are selected, they will choose vegetables rather than meat, although the price of vegetables increased the times. Vegetables they usually eat more meat than portion or even rice.

2. Use the principles of'5 mug '
People in China consuming food container different. They believe that separate the food from one another can control their body weight. Usually they separate the food bowl with a different, according to the type of food or taste (sweet, salty, sour, bitter, spicy).

3. Thinking 'Yin and Yang'
The principle of Yin and Yang principles into a pattern of living and eating them. Food-food 'Yin' is the food and steamed to give effect calm, while food 'is' is usually food that can be burned and body heat. They rarely consumption food is fried. With the principles of Yin and Yang, they sure eat will balanced pattern.

4. Hot tea
Consuming warm tea will help the process of decomposition of fat in the body. They avoid cold tea because according to them it will increase the risk of Obesity and body weariness.